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In 1996, we started to play with the internet. Over the years, we became very successful and we've learned a few things! Your website should combine both good design and targeted marketing to provide you with a Total Internet Presence. YOU need to Market your website. Building your website is only the beginning. You should learn to use the proper techniques of Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) which will drive targeted traffic to your website. Many people think that "if you build it, they will come". This couldn't be farther from the truth in regard to the internet. Google has Billions of web pages stored in its search engine. If your website is in there and not on the first 2 pages when someone is looking for your product or interest, they will not find you. You must market your site. SEO and SEM programs will do that for you. You must get listed where people can find you. Remember, a website that is not marketed is nothing more than a black hole in the vast space of the internet.
We have had many companies follow our recommendations and they have been extremely successful. We also have had companies that didn't believe that this would work. Most of these do not exist any longer!
We want to thank all of our clients for helping get Internet Pluz where it is today.